Welcome to Sheryl's Place
A sampling of fan art by Sheryl Birkhead

Here is a "lick and a promise" -- of artwork past and of things to come.

Cover for The Reluctant Famulus
Cover for
The Reluctant Famulus
LoneStarCon Coffee Pot

Coffee Pot for
LoneStarCon2 Auction
Cover for Other Realms

Cover for
Other Realms

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Mahjong Tile
Mahjong Tile

Glephs These Critters and Creatures
Populate Their Own World.
'Sniff' Wizard for The Reluctant Famulus 'True Blue'
'The Music Man' 'Once Upon a Time...' 'Farmer Green'

Fanzine Covers

cover for Opuntia fanzine
fanzine cover
for Opuntia

cover for Knarley Knews fanzine
fanzine cover
for Knarley Knews
cover for Pulsar fanzine
fanzine cover
for Pulsar

Miscellaneous in Black & White:

Aardvark Cat
Anvil of Stars MilPhil press Double-Barrel fan

Here are links to some of my art that is already on the World Wide Web:

Mimosa 26 title logo
Mimosa 24 title logo
Mimosa 25 title logo
Mimosa 23 title logo